Auszug aus dem EAAE Newsflash 2018 May

(European Association of Agricultural Economists;


Journal of Natural Resources Research (by Springer)

Special Issue on "Forests, Agriculture & Environment Protection"

deadline submission papers 31 May 2018


166th EAAE seminar

"Sustainability in the Agri-Food Sector"

30-31 August 2018

Galway, Ireland

The Local Organizing Committee invites you to submit your abstract:

Abstracts Deadline May 14, 2018 !

Event website:

Event contact:

Keynote 1:Prof David Pannell (University of W. Australia): Agri-Environmental Schemes ‑ contracts to deliver sustainability and public goods

Keynote 2: Dr Brendan Dunford (Burren LIFE): Participatory and community action at a landscape scale

Round Table 1:Delivering Improved Sustainability in CAP2020 ‑ Expert panel: Krijn Poppe, Alan Matthews, Thia Hennessy (UCC), Kevin Hanrahan (Teagasc), Maeve Henchion (Teagasc)

Round Table 2:Designing Agri-Environmental Schemes to improve Sustainability – Expert Panel: David Pannell (UWA), Brendan Dunford (Burren LIFE), Janet Dwyer (University of Gloucester), Pat Murphy, (Teagasc), EU Policy (TBC)


Main topics:

1. Measuring Farm Sustainability

  • Sustainability Measurement
  • Infrastructure to measure Sustainability
  • Sustainability across the Value Chain
  • Low Intensity Farming Technologies

2.Delivering Sustainability – AES design, Markets and Public Policy

  • Delivering Sustainability – Design of Agri-Environmental Schemes
  • Low Intensity Farming Technologies
  • Sustainability, Economic Change and Public Policy

3.Innovation System Approach to Delivering Sustainability

  • Delivering Sustainability ‑ an AKIS Approach
  • Sustainability and Farm Behaviour
  • Sustainability and Food Security

Galway : European Region of Gastronomy 2018



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