Jahrbuch der ÖGA - Band 15

Edited by: Ika Darnhofer, Erwin Schmid, Miklós Palkovics and Gyula Varga, 2006

Selection of papers presented at the Conference "Agriculture in Central Europe - Potentials and Risks"

15th ÖGA Annual Meeting and 47th Georgikon Scientific Conference
September 29-30, 2005 in Keszthely, Hungary.

Published by Facultas Verlag, Vienna
ISSN 1815-1027
ISBN 3-85076-787-6 (ISBN 13: 978-3-85076-787-3)

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Štefan Bojnec and Imre Fertö

The pattern of agricultural trade between Hungary and Slovenia

Darja Regorsek, Emil Erjavec and Lovrenc Pfajfar

Demand for the main food commodities in Slovenia

Aleš Kuhar and Luka Juvančič

What determines integrated and organic fruit and vegetable consumption in Slovenia?

Erwin Schmid and Franz Sinabell

The Austrian agricultural sector in 2013 – Management and environmental perspectives

Hermann Peyerl and Günter Breuer

Operational planning on arable farms – The effects of income tax

Rainer Silber and Hans Karl Wytrzens

Modelling the probability of land abandonment at parcel level

Wilfried Schönbäck, Horst Behrendt, Lena Fröschl, Draghici Manea, Roger Pierrard and Erika Quendler

Cost-effectiveness of measures in agriculture to reduce the nitrogen load flowing via the Danube River into the Black Sea – A comparison of Austria, Hungary and Romania

Emil Erjavec and Trevor Donnellan

CEEC agricultural markets and EU accession

Thomas Resl, Walter Schneeberger and Libor Grega

Economic impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy on cash crops in the Czech Republic

Miroslav Rednak, Emil Erjavec, Tina Volk and Maja Kožar

Income redistribution effects of agricultural policy reforms – The case of Slovenia

Štefan Bojnec

Regional and structural policies in less favoured and cross-border areas – An example from Slovenia

Astrid Artner and Rosemarie Siebert

The role of the social sciences for biodiversity and ecosystem management

Dharam R. Uprety

Conflicts in natural resource management – Examples from community forestry

Csaba BerdeHuman resource management in Hungarian agriculture
Christoph GrohsebnerInternational Agricultural Statistics – Free of charge!