Webcast: Joachim von Braun zu Bioeconomy

Ulrich Morawetz

am Dienstag 24. Oktober 2017 gibt Joachim von Braun vom Center of Development Research der Uni Bonn einen Vortrag zum Thema

Bioeconomy – the new transformation of agriculture, food, and bio-based industries

Der Vortrag findet am IFPRI in Washington statt, doch kann man die Veranstatlung live als Webcast anschauen.


Uhrzeit in Mitteleuropa: 6:15 bis 7:15 in der Früh.

Aus der Ankündigung:

Bioeconomy is the knowledge-based production and utilization of biological resources, innovative biological processes and principles to sustainably provide goods and services across all economic sectors. It employs biomimicry, and utilizes biosciences to transform established economic sectors, such as chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction industries into sustainable ones. The bioeconomy has been rapidly expanding during the past ten years, driven by increased prices of natural resources, by new technological opportunities, and by changed consumer preferences.
The lecture will address these transformative developments and what they imply for emerging economies.

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