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The Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics (ÖGA, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Agrarökonomie) is an institution for the scientific discourse of social, political and economic agendas of the agricultural sector. The ÖGA seeks to improve communication among researchers, to facilitate the exchange of experience, opinions and ideas as well as networking among peers.

27th ÖGA Conference and Gewisola 2017

The 27th Annual Conference of the Austrian Society of Agricultural Economics took place from 13 -15 September 2017 in Freising at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan togheter with the Gewisola.

ÖGA Yearbook 25

Volumes 25 of the ÖGA Yearbook is now available online. Several articles are published in English.

ÖGA Award 2016

Every second year ÖGA issues a call for the ÖGA Award. Young researchers are asked to submit their theses. Here you find information about the ÖGA Award 2016.