Tagung 1995

Macroeconomic and agricultural aspects of CO2-Emission
5. Jahrestagung der ÖGA

Markus Hofreither and Franz Sinabell (Eds), 1996
Proceedings of the 5th annual meeting of ÖGA, September 8-9, 1995 in Anif, Austria
Publisher: Wissenschaftsverlag Vauk Kiel KG, Kiel, ISBN 3-8175-0251-6


Titel des Beitrags

Hofreither, M.;
Sinabell F.

Global warming issues - An introduction

Blank, J.; Ströbele, W.

The economics of the CO2-problem: What about the supply side?
Breuss, F.; Steininger, K. General equilibrium effects of increased biomass energy use
Ahamer, G. Global energy use and land use change in agriculture
Schlamadinger, B.

CO2 implications of biomass-based mitigation strategies on agricultural land

Sinabell, F. Soil as a sink of atmospheric CO2 - The potential contribution of Austrian agriculture
Flückiger, S.; Rieder, P. The impact of "green" taxes and a CO2 premium on Swiss agriculture