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Call for Papers

Theresia Oedl-Wieser

Austrian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Studies

Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Agrarökonomie eröffnet den Call for Papers für das Austrian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Studies. Das ehemalige "ÖGA-Jahrbuch" wurde umbenannt, das...

How creative can a title be? Asking for contributions.

Copyright: Martin Schönhart

Ulrich Morawetz und Martin Schönhart

Choosing a title for a manuscript can be approached either like a craft or like a work of art. To learn the craft, books can be consulted. For example Silvia...

List of extraordinary creative titles:

  • "The Rise and Fall of the Environmental Kuznets Curve" (Stern, 2004)
  • "What Are We Weighting For" (Solon et al., 2015)
  • "Give peas a chance: Transformations in food...

Copyright: Martin Schönhart

Which approach to choose, the craft or the art? Or a combination?

In the end, writing is like talking: it is a personal decision what you want to say and how you want to say it. An innovative...